6 Weeks Pregnant

The sixth week of pregnancy is accompanied by some exciting changes in your baby’s growth, which make this week an amazing experience. In this week, baby initiates his movements but since the movements are not very intense hence may not be felt by you, but it gives a strange feeling. But this week will not be very comfortable for you and you may experience some unpleasant physical changes.

Symptoms noticed in sixth week of pregnancy:

  • You may feel fatigued and may also feel slightly ill.
  • In the sixth week of pregnancy a vaginal secretion yellow-white in color may occur.
  • You may also observe spotting in this week, but in that case, you must visit your doctor
  • Many would be mothers also experience emotional misbalance which is specifically known as emotional carousel, in which you may feel like laughing and crying both at the same time.
  • You may feel a little more nausea and upset stomach sensation throughout this week.

Child growth in the sixth week of pregnancy

The child also experiences noticeable growth in the sixth week of pregnancy and his head grows out to be larger than his entire body. Eyes and nostrils start their formation in this week. The hand and feet fingers also start their formation. The development of stomach, intestines and pituitary gland is also initiated in this week.

Care that should be taken during sixth week of pregnancy:

  • As a result of so many physical changes you may feel stressed. But you should engage yourself in the activities that you like to do to cope up with the developing stress.
  • You should avoid consuming fatty foods and must eat frequently small servings of healthy food.
  • You should not eat too less or too much because either of these will enhance your nausea.
  • You must take maximum possible rest and sound sleep for at least 8 hours a day