7 Weeks Pregnant

The seventh week of pregnancy is quite similar to sixth week and there are no evident changes in the physical appearance of a pregnant woman. The baby is experiencing continuous growth and now your baby is equivalent to the size of a grape or a small berry.

Symptoms noticed in seventh week of pregnancy:

  • Most of the women feel intense cravings for some particular food items during this week while other may still be facing morning sickness and nausea.
  • You may also get pregnancy acne during this week due to excessive secretion of progesterone hormone. But it goes away with time.
  • You may also feel indigestion, constipation, back pain, headache or dizziness during this week.
  • Hormonal changes occurring in your body may cause migraine attacks, but in this scenario, you must take advice from doctor.

Child growth in the seventh week of pregnancy

In the seventh week of pregnancy, your baby starts developing eyelids, tongue, hair and other internal organs. Heartbeat of the baby becomes quite clear and can be clearly heard through sonographer. The nerves and muscles also start their formation during this week.

Care that should be taken during seventh week of pregnancy:

  • Experts’ advice says that watermelon may help in getting some relief from morning sickness.
  • You must avoid high salted foods as they may enhance your nausea and you must take proper rest.
  • With the advice of doctor you can take vitamin B6, which will help you to get relief from nausea and your skin issues like acne. Ginger tea and lemon also help in relieving morning sickness to some extent. But before taking anything you must consult your doctor.
  • You must stay away from pet’s litter as it may contain harmful parasites which can cause harm to the child.
  • You must protect yourself from respiratory infections during this week and must avoid taking any medication for too long or without your doctor’s prescription. You must report any health issue to your doctor and consult about medication and care to be taken.