8 Weeks Pregnant

The eight week of pregnancy is the last week of second month of your pregnancy. This week you may end up gaining little weight but no visible physical changes in your appearance take place. With the time passing, the chances of miscarriage also go down.  In this week your baby will experience more growth and will become 1-inch long by the end of this week.

Symptoms noticed in eighth week of pregnancy:

  • You will start gaining weight in this week and your breasts & waist will grow bigger.
  • You may feel bloating, indigestion, heartburn during this week. It happens because your digestive system does not allow your bloodstream to absorb nutrients, to pass them on to your baby. But if your heartburn becomes excessively uncomfortable, you must visit your doctor.
  • Since your waistline starts expanding, you may experience some skin issues and acne.
  • You may feel discomfort able due to continuous growth in the size of your baby, but if it leads to cramping and spotting you must visit your doctor immediately.
  • You may also experience lower back pain.

Child growth in the eighth week of pregnancy

The heart of the baby develops all the four chambers and start pumping blood. The arms, elbow and feet of the baby become visible. The external ears also start developing during this week. The internal organs like intestines, abdominal cavity etc. also starts their development in the eight week of pregnancy.

Care that should be taken during eighth week of pregnancy:

  • You must plan your pregnancy diet in such a way that you take heavier meals during the day and take lighter meals in dinner.
  • You must continue your walking exercise to at least 15 minutes a day, as it will help you fight fatigue.
  • You must get some tests done in this week like RH factor test, regular blood pressure tests etc. to keep a track of your health also.
  • You must start taking antacid with the recommendation of your doctor to get relief from heartburn. You must also drink lots of water.