9 Weeks Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy is both an emotional and a physical strain on the would-be mother. The need for physical exercises is extremely pressing, and more and more women have realized this and have started opting for exercise plans like the Lamaze classes. 9th week of pregnancy is a crucial and critical stage since it falls within the first trimester when the chance of a miscarriage is quite high. The kinds of exercises which someone can opt for in their 9th week of pregnancy can include the following:

  • One must ease into the routine of exercise. A woman who is 9 weeks pregnant can do a 10 minute warm-up which prevents the body from overheating but prepares it for more endurance-based exercises and generally provides a sense of being active.
  • This can be followed by five minutes of exercise. However, the exercise routine should not be too rigorous. Contrary to popular opinion, the first three months or the first trimester of pregnancy is the most tiring for women since the body undergoes rapid changes. Thus it is hard for women to motivate themselves into completely or even beginning a proper exercise routine. Nothing should be forced as doctors and caregivers suggest that women in their 9th week of pregnancy should follow their body and take it easy.
  • Relaxation and visualization techniques can also be incorporated in the exercise routine of the woman who is 9 weeks pregnant. This helps relax the mind and create a sense of calm and complete peace.
  • It is very important to cool down the overheated body after strenuous exercise. So a five minute cool down period is very important as it helps the woman unwind and her body to become acclimatized to the increased blood circulation of the body. This ensures that there is no threat to her health due to the exercise regime.