9 Weeks Pregnant

The ninth week of pregnancy witnesses appearance of many physical changes in your body.  This week is the first week of third month of pregnancy and your baby’s growth comes into a new phase where he starts gaining weight. This week is quite challenging as you go through extreme emotional condition in the ninth week of pregnancy.

Symptoms noticed in ninth week of pregnancy:

  • In the ninth week of pregnancy, your breast becomes tender and full. The color of the areola becomes darker and Sweat & Montgomery’s glands become a little more prominent.
  • You also put on weight this week as your baby grows.
  • Most of the women experience emotional dis balance in the ninth week of pregnancy like mood swings, anxiety and extreme emotions.
  • Bloating, gassiness, indigestion etc. are also the prominent symptoms in the ninth week of pregnancy.
  • Your sexual appetite may become less prominent and you may lose sexual desires in this period of pregnancy. But you will revive it back with the onset of second trimester of pregnancy.


Child growth in the ninth week of pregnancy

The eyes of your baby start functioning in this week, the formation of outer ears gets completed and baby’s kidneys start functioning. Many organs of your baby start functioning in this week and baby also develops muscles & nerves. Baby’s face becomes round and the embryonic tail starts disappearing.

Care that should be taken during ninth week of pregnancy:

  • You must eat very healthy and protein rich diet during this week as it will help the child to develop muscles.
  • You must take on some exercise to maintain your fitness. You can either opt swimming or walking.
  • You must take plenty of rest and eat at regular intervals.
  • You may experience discomfort and acidity. You must consult your doctor and start taking antacid.
  • You must also take prenatal supplements like vitamins and calcium.