Foods to Eat at 16 Weeks Pregnant

In the beginning of your third trimester, there is a great increase in the volume of blood, which requires the kidneys and heart to put more effort in filtering and pumping this extra volume. You should know about what foods to eat at 16 weeks pregnant.

It is recommended to include iodized salt in your diet; at the same you should remember not to overdo it. Don’t go for cured or processed meats, canned soups and salty snacks. Excess salt intake can cause edema, a condition of high fluid retention.

The added blood volume requires you to increase the intake of iron, as it is also necessary for the baby to develop his/her own blood volume. You should eat iron-rich food items during each meal. Have eggs and whole-grain toasts, along with some fruit. A chick pea salad or bean salad will provide iron supply for lunch. For supper, red meat or large quantity of spinach or a sweet potato will do. Fresh fruit juices or dry fruits serve as good snacks.

During the 16 week of pregnancy, baby starts growing rapidly. You should try to eat about 300 more calories per day, to support the development. An apple, a glass of milk and a whole-meal toast can provide these additional calories. Your average weight gain will be around half to one pound a week.

Due to hormonal changes, the food movement in the intestines is slowed down, so that it is absorbed better. This can cause constipation, any time during pregnancy. As the baby starts growing in this trimester, you may start feeling pressure upon your intestines. To help ease the movement of food, you should have lots of fibrous items and drink plenty of water. Start some gentle exercises and avoid the intake of caffeine, as it dehydrates your body. If you still have constipation problem, add a teaspoon of linseeds in water and soak them overnight and every morning, drink this liquid till you find relief.