8 Weeks Pregnant

The eight week of pregnancy is the last week of second month of your pregnancy. This week you may end up gaining little weight but no visible physical changes in your appearance take place. With the time passing, the chances

7 Weeks Pregnant

The seventh week of pregnancy is quite similar to sixth week and there are no evident changes in the physical appearance of a pregnant woman. The baby is experiencing continuous growth and now your baby is equivalent to the size

6 Weeks Pregnant

The sixth week of pregnancy is accompanied by some exciting changes in your baby’s growth, which make this week an amazing experience. In this week, baby initiates his movements but since the movements are not very intense hence may not

5 Weeks Pregnant

This week starts with a good news regarding the tentative due date for delivery. The fifth week also marks the initiation of second month of pregnancy which means you are required to take more care of yourself and must eat

4 Weeks Pregnant

In the fourth week of pregnancy everything is confirmed for sure and your baby has also started developing. Since your baby is in the initial phases of development you need to take extreme care of yourself so that it enhances

3 Weeks Pregnant

The third week always comes with the sure news about your pregnancy, because by this time your doctor and your home pregnancy tests will confirm the pregnancy. But this week also marks the beginning of utter care which now becomes

9 Weeks Pregnancy Exercise

Pregnancy is both an emotional and a physical strain on the would-be mother. The need for physical exercises is extremely pressing, and more and more women have realized this and have started opting for exercise plans like the Lamaze classes.

17 Weeks Pregnant

A 17-week pregnant woman starts to ‘look’ pregnant as the belly will start to show. As the pregnancy develops week by week, both mother and child experience some interesting developments which we shall discuss here: Mother’s body: A lot of

16 Weeks Pregnant

A 16-week pregnant woman faces many changes in her body and her baby as the pregnancy develops week by week. This article helps one to know how to deal with those changes and also to understand your body better: Mother’s